Hi, I'm Mispy! I work part-time as a freelance web developer, and in my spare hours I do some projects you can find on this site. I have a loose background in science (originally studied biology).

I try to lead a peaceful life filled with quiet compassion and playful curiosity, and I think it would be nice to make this an achievable option for everyone.

In the past, I worked with researchers at the University of Oxford to build the technical infrastructure of Our World in Data.

I'm a little shy, but I like to make cute new internet friends, so feel free to send me a message!


Dawnguide is my mnemonic medium project about how human minds work. I'm gradually collecting research there on how to positively influence thoughts and behavior, and combining it with flashcard memorization using the spacing effect.

So far, I've found the research on self-compassion to be especially meaningful. Many people try to achieve self-control through harsh self-criticism, but science does not support this strategy! It's better to be kind and encouraging towards the person that is you.

Little Projects