Jaiden Mispy

Hi! I'm a software engineer, designer, and researcher. I work on tools to help humans learn and grow.

Interactions with technology can be a powerful influence on how we think and feel. I want to create systems where that influence is intentionally positive, and leads to happier, healthier people.

In the past, I helped to build the technical infrastructure of Our World in Data at the University of Oxford.

I'm now an independent developer, funding my own projects with part-time contracts and Patreon. If you find my work interesting, you can become a member to help me spend more time on it.


Dawnguide is my small, specialized encyclopedia and spaced learning system for mental health strategies that are strongly supported by evidence.

It aims to bridge the gap between the collective knowledge of the human mind that is locked away in scientific journals, and those who would most benefit from applying that knowledge in their own lives.

Since it feels wrong to paywall something that is most potentially useful to vulnerable people, I decided to build Dawnguide as a free public good. The content is licensed under CC-BY, and the code is open source.

Little Projects